Pioneering the Future of Regulatory Reporting!

In today's financial world, regulatory reporting is paramount. However, the software ecosystem around it has often been fragmented and expensive. Enter the Eclipse Free BIRD Tools project – leading the charge with a software-first ethos.

Why is this Revolutionary?

  • Unified Standards: Regulatory data models and logic standards can be game-changers for banks, potentially saving them millions. But without usable software, these standards remain unutilized.
  • Market Challenges: Presently, mainstream vendors shy away from open regulatory standards. Why? They often see them as rivals to their commercial standards. Moreover, regulatory standards aren't always software-friendly, which means more investments and less return.
  • Seperation of concerns: Regulatory logic can be defined independantly from the applications that executes it, breaking the chains of vendor lock-in

Our Solution:

  • Seamless Integration: We take the BIRD project's published artifacts and auto-translate them into a RegSeed artefact, written in the machine and human readable RegDNA open standard.
  • Auto-generation: Pair a RegSeed with a RegPot and voilà! You get a fully functional application grounded in proven technologies, supported by a vast resource network – from skilled personnel to comprehensive libraries.
  • Versatility: The Eclipse Free BIRD Tools project not only defines the RegDNA standard (leveraging existing mature software-friendly standards) but also offers one free RegPot. This RegPot can auto-generate desktop applications (via mature Eclipse Technologies ) alternatives that could be produced are web-based applications (using the mature Python Django framework , Java Spring or Microsoft's code-first framework) . This empowers users to interact seamlessly with the data model and logic in a RegSeed and, by extension, with BIRD.
  • Open to All: Software vendors can craft their own RegPots, using free RegPots as a template. Meanwhile, other players like regulators, banks, and consultancies can develop diverse composable RegGenes using the RegDNA open standard. This allows the creation of new RegSeeds suitable for varying data models or specific regulatory logic components, executable in established vendor applications. All code and artefacts of the Eclipse Free BIRD Tools project are available publicly on Github, governed transparently a vendor-nuetral manner by the Eclipse Foundation , and published with a commercially friendly open source license.

Join us in revolutionizing regulatory reporting. Together, we can shape a more streamlined, cost-effective, and innovative future!

What is BIRD?

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