JavaFX Tooling and Runtime for Eclipse and OSGi

We are inviting you to contribute to e(fx)clipse. Which possibilities do we see?

  • Bug reporting: If you've found a bug in e(fx)clipse, please submit a valuable bug report. This is very essential for the project and you help to make the project future-proof and most stable.
  • Providing fixes: In case you are familiar with the project's sources and you know how to fix a bug, please consider to contribute your fix back to the project for review.
  • Contributing custom components: If you developed a custom component to e(fx)clipse that might also be useful to others, please also consider to contribute it back. Please get in contact with us via project's bug tracker if you'd like to share your code.

Active contributors

e(fx)clipse forum

e(fx)clipse has quite an active community that discusses issues in the e(fx)clipse universe. If you couldn't find the answers you are looking for in the project's wiki the e(fx)clipse forum is the place where you can ask your questions.

Professional Services

Although Open Source software is freely available to everyone it doesn't mean that everyone is an expert in this code. Enterprise software built with Open Source components requires experienced developers who know the internal structure of these components and can quickly and efficiently eliminate problems.

BestSolution has contributed e(fx)clipse to Eclipse and is still the driving force behind the project. Who, if not we, should be able to provide highest quality in support and all other kinds of services around e(fx)clipse.