Getting Started

Automatic layout can be a complex thing, but starting to use the Eclipse Layout Kernel can be easy.

First of all, there are two versions of ELK. The Java Version and the Javascript Version, which is transpiled from the Java source using GWT.

Examples of ELK graphs can be found here in the elklive tool, which supports writing ELK graphs in the ELKT and JSON format, can convert between different formats, and allows browsing additional models.

All layout algorithms and their options are documented here and further elaborated in a series of blog-posts.

Issues and Questions

Both ELK and elkjs allow to report bugs and to ask questions in form of GitHub issues.

Additionally, the ELK gitter can be used to ask questions.


ELK is published as an Eclipse update site or on Maven central.

The elkjs Version is available on npm.

Releases, nightly builds, and release notes are found here.