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Equinox Incubator Downloads

The Equinox incubator component has a number of workareas. Some operate with relative independence of the work going on in the main Equinox code base (e.g., they are developing new, add-on function) while others are working on incremental improvements to existing Equinox code and functionality. Because of this and the attendant variation in code completeness, some elements of the incubator are built with the normal Equinox bundles and are downloadable from the same downloads page (though such incubator elements are clearly marked as not ready for prime time). Other work areas make their downloads (if any) available on individual pages as they reach stable plateaus.

Please look for downloads in one of the following areas:

Page Description
Equinox Equinox main downloads page with some content that is near graduation
Monitoring The monitoring workarea has several pre-built pieces for trial
Aspects Find the latest releases and demos
Equinox News feed

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