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Equinox OSGi incubator

A work in progress...

- the current repo structure gives incubator committers access to the "equinox-incubator" folder in the repository. We'll call that the "incubator repo" even though it is not really a repo on its own (see

- in the incubator repo we currently have a large number of plugin projects. In general the HEAD stream of these projects contain copies of code from the main Eclipse repo and the content for each work area is in branches off of these.

- this is a convenient structure because it allows/encourages the work areas to stay in sync with the main code base. Remember, the Equinox incubator is for investigating *changes* to the main Equinox/Eclipse code base. As such, the work is destined to be merged at some point. By working in branches off HEAD we just need to periodically (e.g., every Milestone) update the code in head of the various projects. Then the folks in each branch and merge from HEAD into their branch and keep up to date.

- An alternative to this approach is to have each incubator keep a copy of the projects they are affecting. This is in some ways simpler (makes it easier ot archive when the work is done) but increases the burden of keeping up with the main code and basically means that people will not do it.

- For new bundles developed in an incubator, we could have separate workarea dirs and put the projects in there. I am tempted to say that there will be relatively few of these and so we should just put them in the main incubator repo. This is simple, flat, ... Work in these can go on in HEAD or in a branch off of an initially empty HEAD project.

- in an effort to help newbies understand where things are, each work area should document what projects are relevant and what branch it is using. See the aspects work area for an example of what I mean (

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