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Equinox Security - Milestone Update

Release 3.4 Milestone 1

The following is information on the delivery of Milestone 1 (M1) of Release 3.4 of security features in Eclipse Equinox. The release was completed on August 17th, 2007.

Status Update

A brief presentation of the highlights in the M1 release, as well as future directions for M2. Includes links to announcements and press during the milestone cycle.

Link to PDF:

Feature Demo

Link to high-rez version: coming soon

Development Plan

Themes: Initial contributions, site development


  • #198814 - Contribute initial JAAS framework to Equinox [2]
  • #196987 - Fix boot classloader delegation issues with security contribution [2]
  • #198833 - Post SWORD4J scan to Equinox security page [4]
    • Ongoing work items
    • 3.4 & 3.4M1 planning
    • Wiki & site authoring
    • Bugzilla queue monitoring
    • Sample & unit test development


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