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Equinox Incubator - Server-side

Mission Statement

Eclipse is in use on the desktop in tools and RCP applications. The eRCP and other projects are pushing it into mobile phones and handheld devices. Now there is significant interest in Equinox on the server. The Apache Geronimo folks are interested. Several "people shipping server-based products today" are also wanting to move to OSGi. This incubator project is targetted at eliminating barriers to using and integrating OSGi (and Equinox more specifically) on the server. See the incubator proposal for more detail.

Note that most of the work here has graduated. See Server-side Equinox for more information.

Working With the Server-side Incubator

The Server-side incubator uses the main incubator resources with the following refinements.

Bugs Summaries start with [server]
CVS Branch Project
server (current activity uses the main Eclipse 3.2 HEAD)

Active investigators

  • Simon Kaegi (IBM Rational)


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