Version: v1.0

Eclipse ESCET™

The Eclipse Supervisory Control Engineering Toolkit (Eclipse ESCET) project provides a model-based approach and toolkit for the development of supervisory controllers.

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Languages and tools


CIF is a modeling language and extensive toolset supporting the entire development process of supervisory controllers.


Chi is a modeling language and toolset to analyze the performance of supervisory controllers.


ToolDef is a cross-platform and machine-independent scripting language to automate CIF and Chi tools.

Getting started

The Eclipse ESCET toolkit contains the tooling for CIF, Chi and ToolDef.

It is portable and ready to go!


Learn more about the Eclipse ESCET project and toolkit as a whole:

Or learn more about its languages and tools: CIF, Chi and ToolDef.


Eclipse ESCET is an open-source project. Don't hesitate to contact us in case of questions or to report issues. We also welcome your contributions.