Connect. Command. Control.

Eclipse Hono™ provides remote service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a back end and interacting with them in a uniform way regardless of the device communication protocol.

What Hono can do for you

Millions of Devices

Hono is designed for connecting large numbers of IoT devices. Its micro service based architecture and use of a reactive programming model allow for scaling out horizontally.

Uniform API

Connect a multitude of different types of devices to your (cloud) back end. Communicate with all of them via the same simple API regardless of the device protocol.

IoT Protocols

Hono supports devices communicating via common IoT protocols like HTTP, MQTT, AMQP and CoAP out of the box.

Messaging Patterns

Hono provides APIs for important IoT communication patterns: Telemetry and Event messages can be used by devices to report sensor readings whereas applications can use Command & Control to invoke operations on devices.


Hono is designed for security by default. It supports common authentication mechanisms like username/password and X.509 client certificates to verify a device’s identity and uses transport layer security (TLS) when communicating with devices.


Your device uses a custom protocol? Hono provides a simple mechanism to add custom protocol adapters.

Who is using Eclipse Hono?