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Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with the Jetty project there are a number of ways you can participate.

Get Involved with the Code

If rolling up your sleeves and digging into the codebase is interesting, one of the best places to start is at the github project here. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration on what to work on, take a look at the issues for the project where we maintain a Help Wanted tag. The Jetty project uses Apache Maven as the build system and there are coding conventions that we would appreciate you following documented here. Please keep in mind that as an Eclipse project there is a bit more administrative burden required on your part to contribute code, information on that can be found here.

Get Involved in the Documentation

Jetty documentation is maintained alongside the source but don't let that dissuade you from from contributing to the documentation, it is a great place to build commit karma and help the community at large. You'll need to follow the same rules as committing to the code which can be read about here.

Get Involved in the Community

StackOverflow is an excellent resource for users with questions and helping them out is a great way to get involved. The Jetty tag is a great place to start building up that reputation.

Mailing lists are a primary communication channel with the Eclipse Jetty development team. If you are interested in getting announcements for new versions, or want to participate in discussions of development or integration topics, you can subscribe to one of the following mailing lists. You may also track svn commits for the Jetty project.

Mailing Lists on Eclipse

Frequently Asked Questions

What I need to do to use mailing lists?

First, you need to subscribe the mailing list. To subscribe, follow these instructions. When you complete the subscription process, you will receive email from the mailing list.

You can post to mailing list by sending e-mails to the list’s email address.

Can I review mailing lists?

Yes, the mailing list archives allow you to review all posts through a simple web interface. You don’t need to subscribe or register in order to have access to the archives.

I subscribed to the mailing list, but receive only new posts. Where can I find old posts?

You can find the old posts in the mailing list archive.

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