Interface HttpURI

All Known Implementing Classes:
HttpURI.Immutable, HttpURI.Mutable

public interface HttpURI
Http URI. Both HttpURI.Mutable and HttpURI.Immutable implementations are available via the static methods such as build() and from(String). A URI such as http://user@host:port/path;param1/%2e/info;param2?query#fragment is split into the following optional elements:

The path part of the URI is provided in both raw form (getPath()) and decoded form (getDecodedPath()), which has: path parameters removed, percent encoded characters expanded and relative segments resolved. This approach is somewhat contrary to RFC3986 which no longer defines path parameters (removed after RFC2396) and specifies that relative segment normalization should take place before percent encoded character expansion. A literal interpretation of the RFC can result in URI paths with ambiguities when viewed as strings. For example, a URI of /foo%2f..%2fbar is technically a single segment of "/foo/../bar", but could easily be misinterpreted as 3 segments resolving to "/bar" by a file system.

Thus this class avoid and/or detects such ambiguities. Furthermore, by decoding characters and removing parameters before relative path normalization, ambiguous paths will be resolved in such a way to be non-standard-but-non-ambiguous to down stream interpretation of the decoded path string. The violations are recorded and available by API such as hasAmbiguousSegment() so that requests containing them may be rejected in case the non-standard-but-non-ambiguous interpretations are not satisfactory for a given compliance configuration.

Implementations that wish to process ambiguous URI paths must configure the compliance modes to accept them and then perform their own decoding of getPath().

If there are multiple path parameters, only the last one is returned by getParam().

  • Method Details

    • build

      static HttpURI.Mutable build()
    • build

      static HttpURI.Mutable build(HttpURI uri)
    • build

      static HttpURI.Mutable build(HttpURI uri, String pathQuery)
    • build

      static HttpURI.Mutable build(HttpURI uri, String path, String param, String query)
    • build

      static HttpURI.Mutable build(URI uri)
    • build

      static HttpURI.Mutable build(String uri)
    • from

      static HttpURI.Immutable from(URI uri)
    • from

      static HttpURI.Immutable from(String uri)
    • from

      static HttpURI.Immutable from(String method, String uri)
    • from

      static HttpURI.Immutable from(String scheme, String host, int port, String pathQuery)
    • asImmutable

      HttpURI.Immutable asImmutable()
    • asString

      String asString()
    • getAuthority

      String getAuthority()
    • getDecodedPath

      String getDecodedPath()
    • getFragment

      String getFragment()
    • getHost

      String getHost()
    • getParam

      String getParam()
      Get a URI path parameter. Multiple and in segment parameters are ignored and only the last trailing parameter is returned.
      The last path parameter or null
    • getPath

      String getPath()
    • getPathQuery

      String getPathQuery()
    • getPort

      int getPort()
    • getQuery

      String getQuery()
    • getScheme

      String getScheme()
    • getUser

      String getUser()
    • hasAuthority

      boolean hasAuthority()
    • isAbsolute

      boolean isAbsolute()
    • isAmbiguous

      boolean isAmbiguous()
      True if the URI has any ambiguous UriCompliance.Violations.
    • hasViolations

      boolean hasViolations()
      True if the URI has any UriCompliance.Violations.
    • hasViolation

      boolean hasViolation(UriCompliance.Violation violation)
      violation - the violation to check.
      true if the URI has the passed violation.
    • getViolations

      Set of violations in the URI.
    • hasAmbiguousSegment

      default boolean hasAmbiguousSegment()
      True if the URI has a possibly ambiguous segment like '..;' or '%2e%2e'
    • hasAmbiguousEmptySegment

      default boolean hasAmbiguousEmptySegment()
      True if the URI empty segment that is ambiguous like '//' or '/;param/'.
    • hasAmbiguousSeparator

      default boolean hasAmbiguousSeparator()
      True if the URI has a possibly ambiguous separator of %2f
    • hasAmbiguousParameter

      default boolean hasAmbiguousParameter()
      True if the URI has a possibly ambiguous path parameter like '..;'
    • hasAmbiguousEncoding

      default boolean hasAmbiguousEncoding()
      True if the URI has an encoded '%' character.
    • hasUtf16Encoding

      default boolean hasUtf16Encoding()
      True if the URI has UTF16 '%u' encodings.
    • toURI

      default URI toURI()