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public static interface ConnectionFactory.Upgrading extends ConnectionFactory
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      Connection upgradeConnection(Connector connector, EndPoint endPoint, MetaData.Request upgradeRequest, HttpFields.Mutable responseFields) throws BadMessageException
      Create a connection for an upgrade request.

      This is a variation of ConnectionFactory.newConnection(Connector, EndPoint) that can create (and/or customise) a connection for an upgrade request. Implementations may call ConnectionFactory.newConnection(Connector, EndPoint) or may construct the connection instance themselves.

      connector - The connector to upgrade for.
      endPoint - The endpoint of the connection.
      upgradeRequest - The meta data of the upgrade request.
      responseFields - The fields to be sent with the 101 response
      Null to indicate that request processing should continue normally without upgrading. A new connection instance to indicate that the upgrade should proceed.
      BadMessageException - Thrown to indicate the upgrade attempt was illegal and that a bad message response should be sent.