Class Password

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public class Password extends Credential
Password utility class. This utility class gets a password or pass phrase either by:
 + Password is set as a system property.
 + The password is prompted for and read from standard input
 + A program is run to get the password.
Passwords that begin with OBF: are de obfuscated. Passwords can be obfuscated by run Password as a main class. Obfuscated password are required if a system needs to recover the full password (eg. so that it may be passed to another system). They are not secure, but prevent casual observation.

Passwords that begin with CRYPT: are oneway encrypted with UnixCrypt. The real password cannot be retrieved, but comparisons can be made to other passwords. A Crypt can be generated by running org.eclipse.util.UnixCrypt as a main class, passing password and then the username. Checksum passwords are a secure(ish) way to store passwords that only need to be checked rather than recovered. Note that it is not strong security - specially if simple passwords are used.

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    • Password

      public Password(String password)
      password - The String password.
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      public String toString()
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      public String toStarString()
    • check

      public boolean check(Object credentials)
      Description copied from class: Credential
      Check a credential
      Specified by:
      check in class Credential
      credentials - The credential to check against. This may either be another Credential object, a Password object or a String which is interpreted by this credential.
      True if the credentials indicated that the shared secret is known to both this Credential and the passed credential.
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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    • obfuscate

      public static String obfuscate(String s)
    • deobfuscate

      public static String deobfuscate(String s)
    • getPassword

      public static Password getPassword(String realm, String dft, String promptDft)
      Get a password. A password is obtained by trying
      • Calling System.getProperty(realm,dft)
      • Prompting for a password
      • Using promptDft if nothing was entered.
      realm - The realm name for the password, used as a SystemProperty name.
      dft - The default password.
      promptDft - The default to use if prompting for the password.
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException