Eclipse N4JS Language and IDE


The community is a valuable driving force behind projects such as the Eclipse N4JS language and IDE. Community members make important contributions to the project by taking part in discussions, filing bug reports and making code contributions. The following resources are a great starting point to getting involved with the Eclipse N4JS project. Find more information on the project developers, join in active discussions and make the most of the helpful resources offered.


The Eclipse N4JS forum is a good place to ask questions about using the Eclipse N4JS Language and IDE to develop your own projects. The forum is the most relevant place to find first-level support regarding getting started with coding projects and troubleshooting. Browse topics on the N4JS forum here:

N4JS Blog

The N4JS blog covers topics such as writing unit tests with the N4JS IDE, feature highlights and announcements about the Eclipse N4JS project. Find out more at the N4JS blog here:

Eclipse Developer Mailing List

For the development of N4JS project, join the mailing list for the most recent discussions on development coordination. Questions regarding planned features and the current state of the N4JS Language and IDE are welcome.

GitHub Issues

We use GitHub to track bugs relating to the IDE and language. To submit an issue or to track the progress of reported issues, see the following:

Eclipse Project Page

The official Eclipse project pages contains information on contribution activity, resources for developers and licence details.

The Eclipse N4JS Team

More information about the developers behind N4JS can be found at the project pages of N4JS at See the following page for committers, contributors, organizations and the core team of developers behind Eclipse N4JS:


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