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Nebula DateChooser Widgets


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GRAY theme (default)
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BLUE theme
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DateChooser widget presents the monthly view of a calendar for date picking.
Features :

  • Month names, weekday names and first day of week depend of the locale setted on the calendar.
  • Support for mouse and keyboard navigation.
  • Customizable look & feel by themes (colors, font, lines) (3 themes provided).
  • Shows days from adjacent months.
  • Listener for date selection events.
  • Support for multi selection and selection of intervals.
  • Optional weeks numbers.
  • Optional footer displaying the today date.
  • Full support of internationalization (days and months names, labels, first day of week, minimal days in first week).



DateChooserCombo widget is a date field editor that combines a text field and a popup calendar. This widget is based on FormattedText and DateChooser.
Features :

  • See FormattedText for text features. Uses a DateFormatter.
  • See DateChooser for popup calendar features.
  • Customization of locale, date mask, font and colors (themes are shared with DateChooser).

NOTE: The DateChooser and DateChooserCombo widgets are in an ALPHA state. The API is stable, but users should expect changes in future versions: add of new features, minor behavior changes.


Update History (like release notes)

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