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Nebula Oscilloscope Widget


This animated SWT widget can be used to monitor processes. The widget is easy to implement with the provided abstract dispatcher. It is fun, versatile and very configurable. .


  • Fast : One cycle takes a few milliseconds to calculate.
  • Customizable : Background images, colours, line size, tail size and fading are just a few of the options.
  • Animated : From fast and fluid pixelscrolling animation to greased lightning real time monitoring.
  • Graphics : Background monitor-raster graphics included, ready for you to use.
  • Examples : Various snippets are available that show how the widget must be used. The Nebula Examples view contains a customizable option panel to show all aspects of the widget
  • Sounds : Beep, Heartbeat and Flatline sounds to make the monitoring effect even more realistic.
  • Fun : Build the perfect dashboard for your control room.
  • Graph calculations : Examples on how to create a sine wave, a square wave and a pulse monitor. Earthquake monitors also possible.

TRY IT : The best way to play with all Oscilloscope features is to install the Nebula Examples.

DOWNLOAD : jar and update site available soon.

QUICK START : Look at the Snippets. Other snippets are available on git.

JAVADOC : Javadoc is available : Javadoc - 1.0.0_20100825.


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