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Nebula Picture Control

Picture Control

The Picture control is a control that allows you to display an image, remove and modify it. This control is useful to manage photo, logo, gravatar, etc in a SWT, RCP and RAP Application.


  • Modify image: the Modify link is used to upload a new image.
  • Delete image: the Delete link is used to delete the image.
  • Default image: set a default image.
  • RCP/RAP: can be used in a SWT standalone application, RCP and RAP Application both.
  • SWT/FormToolkit: supports SWT (use org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.picture.PictureControl) and FormToolkit (use org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.picture.FormPictureControl).
  • JFace Databinding: stores the image as byte array and fires events to tell that image has changed. You can bind with JFace Databinding the image byte array with a Model object
  • Internationalization: use Locale to set links label with well language

For more explanation, documentation, etc, please read Eclipse Nebula Picture Control article.

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