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Nebula XViewer Widget

Advanced TreeViewer Widget

The purpose of the XViewer is to give the application developer a more advanced and dynamic TreeViewer that has the filtering and sorting the capabilities of a spreadsheet while providing the users the ability to customize their table to suit their current needs and save/restore these customizations for future use by individual or group.

Getting Started

XViewer Main

Table Customizations

  • Provides table customization dialog to allow customization of visible columns, widths and renaming of columns
  • Easily reorder columns through drag/drop or table customization
  • Provides mechanism to save and load table customizations so users can easily switch between customizations
  • Provides mechanism to mark table customizations as individual or global to provide sharing of customizations by users and teams (needs to be backed with shared file system or database)
  • Provides mechanism to mark table customization as default customization to display whenever this table is shown
  • Provides ability for multiple XViewer tables to be used within the same application, but provide their own columns and customiztions


  • Sort individual columns (forward or reverse) using data-specific configured sorter for that columns data type
  • Perform unlimited multi-column sorting by holding Ctrl key down and selecting other columns. Re-selecting a column while Ctrl is held down will reverse the sort for that column


  • Quick filter (bottom left) provides for filtering of all visible data by entered keywords
  • Alt-left click on column header (or right-click menu) allows for filtering by column. As many column filters can be added and work together.
  • Provides simple metrics (bottom status label) to show number of objects loaded, number shown and number selected.
  • Status label shows filters and sorters that are currently applied to viewer (bottom status label)

Other Capabilities

  • Provides ability to copy rows, columns or individual cells into buffer for pasting into other applications
  • Allows for multi-column editing of selected rows/columns
  • Provides html rendering of currently visible table data
  • Provides comma separated value export to csv file that can be opened in any spreadsheet application
  • All the normal capabilities of the existing SWT Tree/TreeViewer have been retained as XViewer is an extension to TreeViewer


  • Submitted to Nebula as alternative to existing SWT TreeViewer (already part of project)
  • Allow for advanced column filtering by complex expression and "canned list" of already entered items
  • Add regular expressions to all filtering capabilities
  • Provide easy ability to sum selected rows for selected column
  • Provide simple summing/counting of rows/column data
  • Provide formulas and functions for advanced summing/counting of data
  • Provide graphing and charting of data
  • Collaborate with other table/tree solutions to integrate functionality...

Table Customizations

XViewer Customize

Sorting and Filtering

XViewer Sorting and Filtering

HTML Report and CSV Export

XViewer Html Reporting

Supporting Links

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