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PDE Information

Visit the Committers page for a list of committers and active contributors on the PDE UI component.

View some of the PDE articles and examples.

Check out the development resources page for more detailed information on the PDE UI plug-ins and our development process.

Interested in getting involved in the PDE community? There are many ways you can help improve the quality of the PDE tools.

About the PDE UI Component

The PDE UI component provides a comprehensive set of tools to create, develop, test, debug and deploy Eclipse plug-ins, fragments, features, update sites and RCP products.

PDE UI also provides comprehensive OSGi tooling, which makes it an ideal environment for component programming, not just Eclipse plug-in development.

Here is a small list of what PDE UI provides to the Eclipse SDK:

  • Form-Based Manifest Editors - multi-page editors that centrally manage all manifest files of a plug-in or feature.
  • RCP Tools - wizards and a form-based editor that allow you to define, brand, test and export products to multiple platforms.
  • New Project Creation Wizards - create a new plug-in, fragment, feature, feature patch and update sites.
  • Import Wizards - import plug-ins and features from the file system.
  • Export Wizards - wizards that build, package and export plug-ins, fragments and products with a single click.
  • Launchers - test and debug Eclipse applications and OSGi bundles.
  • Views - PDE provides views that help plug-in developers inspect different aspects of their development environment.
  • Miscellaneous Tools - wizards to externalize and clean up manifest files.
  • Conversion Tools - wizard to convert a plain Java project or plain JARs into a plug-in project.
  • Integration with JDT - plug-in manifest files participate in Java search and refactoring.
  • User Assistance Tools - Editors and tools for developing user help and other UA documents.
  • Declarative Services Tools - Editors and validation for OSGi declarative services.

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