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Software Repository

This project maintains a p2 repository of binary artifacts. Copy and paste this link into the "Install New Software" dialog to install this project's software.



Latest Build

Note that the repository link will not necessarily display anything meaningful in your browser.

Third-Party Distributions

Formal Mind offers a distribution called formalmind Studio. This distribution consists of the latest ProR (at times more up to date than the downloads offered here), enhanced with the free Essentials, a suite of productivity enhancements. Essentials include Rich Text rendering and editing, suspect link management, and more.

Current Status

02-Dec-2014 - Release Build (0.11.0) available.

03-Jun-2014 - Release Build (0.10.0) available.

03-Sep-2013 - Snapshot Build (0.8.0) available.

09-Nov-2012 - Fith Snapshot Build (0.5.0) available.

30-Aug-2012 - Fourth Snapshot Build (0.4.0) available.

22-Dec-2011 - We started to migrated documentation from to the RMF Eclipse Wiki

16-Dec-2011 - The first release is planned for Januray 20th 2012.

29-Aug-2011 - We are in the incubation phase - over the next weeks, we will set up the infrastructure, migrate documentation, etc.

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