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StatET 4.9 – New and Noteworthy

For other information about the release see the release page for StatET 4.9.0.

R Package Development

DESCRIPTION Files StatET 4.9 provides highly improved support for DESCRIPTION files of R packages.

The editor for the description files provides all common features known from other source editors by StatET, syntax highlighting, structural selection, outline view (also as Quick Outline) and much more.

The file is checked for syntax errors and various field specified problems:

And the content assistant offers context sensitive code proposals:

Remote Console

R Help Server The server framework of the R help server is updated to Spring Boot 3.2 with Jakarta EE 10 and Jetty 12.

When using custom server configurations, it may be necessary to adapt them to the updated libraries.

RJ / RServi Development Library

Changes For new and noteworthy items of the RJ/RServi development library see its CHANGES file.

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