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What is it?

UOMo adds Units of Measurement support to IT Systems for Data and Services.

This project has been provisioned. You can see the proposal here

UOMo vitruviano


Developers frequently encounter the need to model units of measurement, because objects in the real world are subject to these measures. When working with units, developers need to understand the mathematics of units, how to convert between systems, and how to format and parse string representations of units. Most of this work can be consolidated into one or two Java packages, which is a primary aim of this project. This project will help developers create safe, correct software to deal with common problem of modeling units.




  • Strong Unit Typing (Compile time support)
  • HL7 Services
  • Financial API based on general Units of Measurement implementation

The focus of the project is on Java implementations, but other languages both on a JVM or other platforms will be supported as appropriate, desired and/or contributed.

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Join the discussion at the forum to learn more about UOMo.

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UOMo is in the Incubation Phase.

New and Noteworthy

JSR 385 won JCP Award for Most Significant JSR, Spec Leads 2019-09-25
UOMo 0.7.0 Release 2018-05-16
Dedicated Jenkins replaces Hudson instance 2017-12-31
UOMo 0.6.1 Release 2017-05-28
Dedicated Hudson CI replaces shared instance 2015-12-09
JSR 363 won JCP Award for Most Significant JSR 2015-10-26
Happy 3rd Birthday UOMo 2013-10-20
UOMo Tutorial 2013-06-10
UOMo 0.6 Release Review 2013-06-05
Updated Documentation 2013-05-27
UOMo nominated for Eclipse Awards 2013, please vote 2013-02-01
Happy Birthday, UOMo 2012-10-20
GitHub Mirror of UOMo Repository 2011-04-04 wrote about UOMo on 2010-12-15
Project created on 2010-10-20.

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