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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 M4
New and Noteworthy

WTP 2.0 M4 features the debut of exciting functionality from the new JavaServer Faces component. It is available as part of an additional download under the Java Server Faces (JSF) section of the 2.0 M4 download page. A live webinar for the JavaServer Faces Tools project showcasing some of these features was recorded and is available from here.

JavaServer Faces

Faces Config Editor

    Similar of the Plug-in Manifest Editor, a comprehensive editor is provided for the faces config file.

    Faces Config Editor sample screenshot

Visual Page Designer

    An enhanced Web Page Editor is now available. Building on the existing JSP editing support, it provides simultaneous synchronized visual and source editing of a Faces JSP in a split pane arrangment, a flyout/detachable palette, enhanced property sheets, a Preview page, and more.

    Web Page Editor sample screenshot

    The layout of the panes, as well as whether to show both, is configurable.

    Web Page Editor sample screenshot

    More planned features and ideas can be found at the editor's wiki page.


Tag Library Directive Validation

    The JSP Validator will now report if it can not find the library referred to by a Tag Library Directive, as well as any problems it finds regarding the prefix value.

    sample taglib directive warning

Content Assist for Tag Library URIs

    Content Assist is now available for the URI value of Tag Library Directives.

    URI proposals

    Once the URI is specified, it will also offer any values suggested by the library for the prefix.

    prefix proposals

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