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Eclipse Web Tools Platform 2.0 M4
New and Noteworthy


Server Tools

Servers view initialization

    The Servers view is no longer blocked from opening until the servers API is done initializing. The Servers view now appears immediately and shows the text "Initializing..." until servers have been loaded in the background.

    This change is consistent with JDT's approach to background loading and will allow perspectives containing the Servers view to appear immediately instead of being blocked by workspaces with lots of servers or adopter extensions.

    Servers view initialization

    The Servers view context menu has been improved for Eclipse consistency and new options have been added, along with a Properties dialog.
    Servers view context menu

Publishing performance

    A new binary format and removal of duplicate information have improved both the size and performance of storing the publishing history file by 70-90%. This improvement will decrease workspace size and improve publishing performance for extremely large applications.

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