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Web Services

Web Services

Project overview

The Web Services project is a sub-project in the Eclipse WTP Top-Level Project. There are two components:

  • The JST Web services component contains tools for developing and interacting with Java Web services. It consists of:
    • extensible Web services wizards for creating Web service and Web services client wizards for consumming Web service,
    • Web services Ant tasks for creating and consumming Web services,
    • wizard extensions for the Apache Axis v1.4 and Apache Axis2 Web service runtimes.
  • The WST Web services component contains tools for Web services development which is not Java specific. It consists of:
    • Web services preferences pages,
    • Web services frameworks such as the creation framework and finder framework,
    • Web Services Explorer, a Web application that let you discover and publish to UDDI, and invoke a WSDL/WSIL via native XML.
    • WSDL model
    • WSDL Editor
    • WSDL and WS-I validator

This project overview page is continually evolving, so please check back regularly for the most up-to-date information on the Web Services Tools project. In the meantime, consult the older Web Services overview page page.

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