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How to get started?

If you are not quite sure yet whether Xtext™ is an appropriate solution for your task, we recommend to watch the presentation below, as it gives you a good overview of what Xtext™ can do. If you want to dive in and learn, you should start with one of the getting started tutorials on the left. Also having the book as an additional resource to the online documentation is certainly a good idea.

Presentation - DSL Development With Xtext™

An introduction and overview of Xtext™, given in September 2015 at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway. In this presentation a rule-language for home automation is developed.

Book - Implementing DSLs with Xtext and Xtend - Second Edition


  • Learn to quickly develop a domain-specific language with Xtext™
  • Implement any aspect of a DSL using Xtend, a fully featured Java-like programming language
  • Discover how to test a DSL implementation and how to customize runtime and IDE aspects of the DSL
Order the book or read reviews on amazon.com.