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Xtext™ languages can be developed in Eclipse. You can either use your favorite IDE's plug-in mechanism to add the Xtext SDK, using one of the URLs below, or go to the professional Xtext™ site to download a ready to use package.

Xtext 2.34.0 Release Notes

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Eclipse Updatesites

To install the xtext plug-in into a running Eclipse.

Releases (right click & copy)

Milestones (right click & copy)

Nightly Builds (right click & copy)

Installation Instructions

  • Choose Help -> Install New Software... from the menu bar and Add....
  • Insert one of the update site URLs above. This site aggregates all the necessary and optional components and dependencies of Xtext.
  • Select the Xtext SDK from the category Xtext and complete the wizard by clicking the Next button until you can click Finish.
  • After a quick download and a restart of Eclipse, Xtext is ready to use.