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What others have built with Xtext™

Name Description License Category Author(s)
A DSL for Semantic Adaptation This language allows for quick and sound adaptations to be made for co-simulation units implementing the FMI standard for co-simulation. INTO-CPS Association Public License Framework INTO-CPS Association
Action Language for EMF ALE (Action Language for EMF) is an interpreted language to define behaviors on the top of Ecore metamodels. In other words, it makes Ecore metamodels executable. EPL Language Fabien Coulon, Didier Vojtisek, Emmanuel Chebbi, Pierre Jeanjean, Erwan Bousse, Benoit Combemale
AFC AFC is a Java library that provides mathematic primitives, and other useful utility tools. The mathematic primitives (vector, point, matrix, shape, etc.) are providing operator overridings for Xtext-based languages. Apache 2 License Library Stéphane Galland, et al
alloy4eclipse Specification and analysis of models in the Alloy4 language on the Eclipse platform. LGPL Language Mohamed Bouragba, Mohamed Said, Maxime Kapusta and Yoann Vasseur
Amelia DSL Amelia is a compact DSL tailored for specifying and executing deployment workflows for distributed software systems. LGPL-3.0 Software Deployment Miguel Jiménez, Gabriel Tamura
APPlause Open source tool chain to produce native apps for different devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad. EPL Language, Framework Heiko Behrens, Peter Friese, et al
ARText (part of Artop) ARText, a textual language for the specification of AUTOSAR systems. See the very cool screencasts. closed source Language Sebastian Benz, Dana Wong
ASSIST - Architecture Synthesis for Safety-Critical Systems The ASSIST Tool Suite automates the design of complex and distributed control systems. It creates software deployments and task schedules based on a textual description of the system architecture and its safety and timing requirements. Commercial Eclipse IDE, System Modeling co4e GmbH
Avaloq Solution Model Development (ASMD) ASMD is a model driven client-server system providing customization tooling for the Avaloq Banking Platform. It supports customization experts managing more than 100k source artefacts in more than 60 DSLs that describe the aspects and behaviour of financial institutions. Commercial Eclipse IDE Avaloq Solution Model Development and Compiler Framework team
Avro Toolkit Framework for building Apache Avro schemas and converters from an EMF model. EPL 2.0 Framework CohesionForce, Inc
Balzac Language Balzac is a domain-specific language to write Bitcoin transactions. Online editor and documentation. Apache License 2.0 Language Nicola Atzei
Blang Blang is a language and software development kit for doing Bayesian data analysis. BSD-2-Clause License Language Blang development team
BOEM. Builder Of EMF Models The aim of BOEM is to provide an API that eases the creation of EMF Models using Xtend syntax and thus to create 'compiling' models. This helps to a) speed up the creation of tests, b) improve readability, c) improve maintainability when metamodels evolve and d) ease the creation of interconnected models. EPL Language, Framework Arthur Daussy, Jacob Geisel
Compiler Framework The Compiler Framework (CF) supports state of the art implementations of DSLs for the Avaloq Banking Platform with stand-alone generators for the target platform. Commercial Framework Avaloq Solution Model Development and Compiler Framework team
Context Mapper ContextMapper is an open source framework providing a Domain-specific Language (DSL) for strategic and tactic Domain-driven Design (DDD). It supports bounded context mapping, service decomposition, and PlantUML model generation. The framework components allow software architects and microservice designers to reverse engineers Context Maps from Spring Boot and Docker Compose files, to improve the architecture iteratively, and to convert models into other representations. Apache 2.0 License Language, Modeling Framework Stefan Kapferer, Olaf Zimmermann
dom3editor This is a tool to help edit Dominions 3 mod files. It includes context coloring, code completion, error checking and integrated help. You can edit using the text editor or the form based entry view. GPL Language Larry Moore
DSL Developer Kit and Runtime Library JDSL Developer Kit is an extension layer to Xtext built for active Xtext users. It extends Xtext runtime to handle more sophisticated cases in DSL design, to support scaling for larger models and better monitoring and recovery in headless frameworks based on Xtext. DDK comes with a few handy small DSLs helping to standardize implementations of tools for DSLs. See also the corresponding session on the EclipseCon Europe 2016 about this project. EPL 1.0 Framework Avaloq Solution Model Development and Compiler Framework team
dslmeinte's example DSLs Various DSLs for technical domains (data modeling, dynamic screens, XSDs, WSDLs). MIT license Example Meinte Boersma
Eclipse b3 New generation of Eclipse technology to simplify software build and assembly. EPL Language Henrik Lindberg
Eclipse GEF DOT Graphviz DOT language editor. For further information watch the recorded GEF DOT session on the EclipseCon Europe 2018. EPL-2.0 Language, Framework Fabian Steeg, Michael Clay, Alexander Nyssen, Matthias Wienand, Tamas Miklossy, et al.
Eclipse GEMOC Studio The GEMOC Studio provides generic components for the development, integration, and use of heterogeneous executable modeling languages. It includes execution trace management, model animation, advanced debugging, and heterogeneous model coordination services. EPL Framework GEMOC contributors
Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK) ELK is a collection of diagram layout algorithms implemented in Java and provides ways for the algorithms to be easily used in Eclipse-based applications. EPL-2.0 Library Ulf Rüegg, Christoph Daniel Schulze, Miro Spönemann, and lots of contributors
Eclipse Mita Eclipse Mita is a programming language that is focused on making Internet-Of-Things things easier to program, especially for developers without an embedded development background. It aims to increase programmer productivity, enables fast exploration of use-cases and tries to make you feel right at home on an embedded device. EPL-2.0 Language, Embedded Systems Robin Herrmann, Thomas Kutzer, Simon Wegendt, Christian Weichel et al.
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE2) The modeling workflow engine supports orchestration of different Eclipse modeling components, such as reading EMF resources, performing operations/transformations on them and writing them back or generating any number of other artifacts out of the information. EPL-2.0 Language, Framework Christian Dietrich, Dennis Huebner, Sebastian Zarnekow
Eclipse SmartMDSD Toolchain The SmartMDSD Toolchain is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the model-driven development of component-based robotics software. The SmartMDSD Toolchain provides support and guidance to apply structures and best-practices for the composition of software building blocks to robotics applications. EPL-2.0 Eclipse Modeling Project Alex Lotz, Dennis Stampfer, Matthias Lutz, and Christian Schlegel
Eclipse STEM The Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM) tool is designed to help scientists and public health officials create and use spatial and temporal models of emerging infectious diseases. EPL-2.0 Eclipse Technology author(s)
Eclipse Vorto Eclipse Vorto offers a language to describe semantic models of digital twins, a repository to manage the semantic models, plugins to generate code or API documentation and payload mapping for telemetry data. EPL-2.0 IoT, Language, Device Abstraction, Repository Alexander Edelmann, Menahem Raccah Lisei, Kevin Olotu, Somesh Kumar, Tobias Gauss, et al.
Edelta An Xtext DSL for EMF metamodels refactoring and migration. EPL Language Lorenzo Bettini
Elysium LilyPond IDE for Eclipse. EPL Language Denes Harmath Coffee Editor An example web-based modeling tool using technologies used for demonstration and documentation. Integrates Eclipse Theia, Xtext, Xtend, Eclipse GLSP, JSON Forms and the model server. EPL 2.0 Example Eugen Neufeld, Lucas Koehler, Martin Fleck, Philip Langer, Stefan Dirix, et al.
EMF Customizer EMF Customizer is a model (Ecore based) customization/styling/refining CSS like textual DSL (Domain Specific Language) targeting MDSD tool chains end users. EPL Language Cedric Vidal
EMF Parsley EMF Parsley is an Eclipse project that provides a set of reusable UI components based on EMF. EPL Language, Framework Lorenzo Bettini, Francesco Guidieri, Vincenzo Caselli
EMF Scaffolding Implementation of the principle of dynamic inplace scaffolding with EMF presented in July 2009 at Eclipse Acceleo Day. EPL Language, Framework Cedric Vidal and Jerome Benois
EMF Views EMF Views is an Eclipse plugin that brings the concept of database views to the modeling world. Model views (focusing on parts of a model and/or combining several models) can be created and then navigated/queried/used as regular models for further model transformation, code generation, etc. EPL, GPL Language, Framework Florent Marchand de Kerchove, Hugo Bruneliere
eMoflon eMoflon is a tool suite for Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) that provides a range of visual and formal languages for (meta)modelling and model management. GPL 3.0 and EPL-2.0 Model Transformation Framework Anthony Anjorin, Sebastian Ehmes, Lars Fritsche, Nils Weidmann
eTrice eTrice is a Modeling Tool for distributed eventdriven realtime systems based on Realtime Object Oriented Modeling (ROOM), not UML. Textual and graphical ROOM editors, codegenerators and runtime libraries for Java, C++ and C will be provided. EPL Language, Framework Henrik Rentz-Reichert, Thomas Schuetz
Event-B CamilleX This feature provides Xtext-based editors for Event-B components within the Rodin Platform ( It also extends the Event-B method for compositional modelling. Eclipse Public License v1.0 System Modelling Michael Butler, Dana Dghaym, Thai Son Hoang, Asieh Salehi-Fathabadi, Colin Snook
fj-eclipse An Eclipse-based IDE for Featherweight Java, implemented using Xtext. GPL Language Lorenzo Bettini
Genmodel addon This project is used to separate properly the EMF generated code and your developed code. Eclipse Public License 1.0 Code Generator Olivier Prouvost (OPCoach)
Geppetto Integrated development environment for the Puppet System Admin tools. (The PP manifest language is Ruby like). EPL, Apache Language Henrik Lindberg, Cloudsmith Inc.
graphql-xtext A GraphQL SDL (schema definition language) lexer, parser, and validator that generates a traversable Abstract Syntax Tree from your GraphQL schema. GraphQL-Xtext will generate pure Java Objects that can be used at runtime. Apache 2 License Language Ashpak Shaikh, Bhavin Shah, Carlo Aureus, Samuel Ko
GTSMorpher GTSMorpher is a DSL for specifying graph-transformation systems (written in Eclipse Henshin) and their composition. EPL Language Steffen Zschaler
HLA Toolkit Toolkit for working with High Level Architecture (HLA) Federated Object Models and generating a logging federate. EPL-2.0 Framework CohesionForce, Inc
Japkit Japkit is an annotation processor that allows to develop Java code generators by using code templates written in Java with some annotations. There is no need to write any imperative code, which makes the code generators short and concise and so eases their maintenance. Apache 2 License Tool Stefan Ocke
Jaspersoft Studio, Report Designer for JasperReports The Expression Editor allows to compose Java-like expressions enriched with JasperReports specific tokens. The SQL Query Designer, in text mode, allows to edit simple and advanced SQL expressions. EPL Report Designer Jaspersoft Studio Team (Veaceslav Chicu, Massimo Rabbi, Marco Orlandin and Giulio Toffoli)
JBC JBC is an Eclipse plugin that enables the developer to view and edit files containing java byte code (*.class) inside Eclipse. EPL 1.0 Developer Tool Arne Deutsch
Jnario Executable Specifications for Java. See the XtextCast (slides, video) and the recorded EclipseCon session about this project. Eclipse Public License v1.0 Testing, Test-driven Development (TDD) Sebastian Benz, Birgit Engelmann
Joliepse IDE Joliepse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the JOLIE programming language, the first full-fledged programming language based upon the service-oriented programming paradigm and support classes. GPL Language Diego Castronuovo (castronu at gmail dot com)
Jtag Lightweight image tagging. EPL Language Alexander Nittka
Kermeta 3 K3 is an extension of Xtend programming language. It allows to "re-open" the classes generated from an Ecore metamodel using annotations in order to weave new features and operations. EPL Language Inria/IRISA
KIELER An evaluation platform for new methods in model-based software design (automatic layout, graphical / textual dynamic views, focus and context, simulation, codegen,...). EPL Language Rtsys group, Dep. of Computer Science, Uni Kiel
Launch Configuration DSL (LcDsl) LcDsl provides a way of defining Eclipse launch configurations in a human readable textual form. This improves maintainability and eases versioning/merging of launch configurations. Eclipse Public License 1.0 Eclipse IDE Markus Duft
LLVM IR SDK A rich LLVM IR editor plugin for Eclipse. BSD Language Alon Mishne
LLVM4e Xtext-based Eclipse editor for LLVM (Low Level Virtual Machine) Assembly Language *.ll files. EPL Language Cedric Vidal
logi.CAD 3 logi.CAD 3 is a tool for programming a wide variety of PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) according to the industry standard IEC 61131-3. It is an Eclipse RCP based (E3/E4) integrated development environment (IDE) using Xtext for implementing the editors for the IEC programming languages ST (Structured Text), FBD (Function Block Diagram) and SFC (Sequential Function Chart). Commercial Language logi.cals Austria (
MADS MADS (Multipurpose Agricultural Data System) is a free open-source tool for modelling and analysis of agricultural activities - crops, livestock, forestry and others - in developing countries, at sector, regional or project level. EPL, GPL RCP Application Michel Simeon
Maven Xtext Example A small example to show how to configure a Maven build for an Xtext language and how to use it from Maven and Gradle. EPL-2.0 Example Christian Dietrich, Dennis Huebner
MechatronicUML Website, MechatronicUML SVN MechatronicUML is a free open-source tool suite that offers language, process and tooling to design software for networked cyber-physical systems. We offer Xtext grammars for: Action Language, API Description, DOT/ Graphviz, LPSolve, MTCTL, Model Dependencies. EPL Language, Tool Suite Project Group Mechatronic Systems Design, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT; Software Engineering Group, Heinz Nixdorf Institute, University of Paderborn
Melange Language Melange is a language workbench that provides a modular approach for assembling, integrating, and customizing multiple domain-specific language (DSL) specifications and implementations. EPL Language T. Degueule, F. Coulon, D. Vojtisek, E. Bousse, A. Blouin, et al
mod4j Open source DSL-based environment for developing administrative enterprise applications. EPL Language, Framework Jos Warmer
ModuleStudio A DSL with tooling based on Sirius and Xtext to describe structure and behaviour of web applications. The models are used to generate extensions for a PHP-based web application framework. closed source Language, Tool Suite Axel Guckelsberger
N4JS N4JS is a general-purpose programming language based on ECMAScript with several additional features. In particular, N4JS adds a static type system as reliable as that of Java, but with the flexibility of JavaScript. EPL-1.0 Language Eclipse N4JS Project, enfore AG
Natural Natural is a collection of Eclipse plugins to enable rich smart editing of acceptance tests using natural language definition files. It currently supports Cucumber and JBehave syntax. Eclipse Public License 1.0 BDD Roberto Lo Giacco, Aaron R. Miller
nusmv-tools The nusmv-tools project provides a set of tools for the model checker NuSMV. Xtext is used to create an Eclipse editor for the NuSMV input language. The editor is further enhanced by static analysis checks (shown as Eclipse error markers) performed by an OSGi-fied version of NuSMV itself. Watch the screencast. EPL Language Siamak Haschemi
OCL Editors for OCL expressions, documents, libraries. Standalone or embedded in Ecore. EPL-2.0 Language Ed Willink
PlantUML DSL An open-source and academic project which aim is to provide an Xtext-based DSL for PlantUML. EPL Language Alexandre Braganca
Protelis Protelis is a programming language aiming to produce reliable and robust collective behavior from uncoordinated local interactions among an assortment of different potentially mobile devices. Protelis is grounded on the paradigm of aggregate programming, a way of thinking about and decomposing problems that can be solved with a network of distributed sensors and computers. GPL with linking exception Language Danilo Pianini, Jacob Beal, Matteo Francia, and others
protobuf4e Editor for Google's Protocol Buffers data interchange file format. EPL Language Cedric Vidal
pxDoc pxDoc is a Domain Specific Language to design document generators. Since it is based on Xbase, it allows to implement document generators for any data that can be accessed with Java. Commercial, free for personal use Language, Framework eXtreme Modeling Software
QVTc and QVTr Editors for QVT Core and Relational languages. EPL-2.0 Language Ed Willink
Rao X This project is an implementation of the RAO modeling language in Eclipse, using Xbase. MIT Simulation System Andrey Urusov, Pavel Bogachev, Kirill Alexandrovsky, Olga Zudina, Alexey Chernov and other contributors.
RDF Mapping DSL A friendly language for writing data mappings to RDF. Includes generators for R2RML, RML, CARML and CSVW output. Commercial, free for personal use Language Zazuko GmbH
RELAX NG for Eclipse Provides support for editing RELAX NG documents in the Eclipse IDE. Integrates with standard WST XML editor to provide content completion and validation of edited XML file based on it's RELAX NG schema. EPL Language Dave Carver
RPG Lexer (IBM ILE RPG) This project is for tooling and better understanding of the ILE RPG language. Tooling like plug in for 100% free-RPG editors running in i.e. Eclipse with code completion etc. or even to build transpilers to create C, C# or JAVA code from RPG. MIT License Tool Niels Liisberg
SAPL Policy Engine A reactive policy engine implementing attribute-based access control (ABAC). The engine features support for publish-subscribe authorization and a deep Spring integration. Apace 2.0 Security Dominic Heutelbeck
SARL SARL is a general-purpose agent-oriented language. It aims at providing the fundamental abstractions for dealing with concurrency, distribution, interaction, decentralization, reactivity, autonomy and dynamic reconfiguration. The language is platform- and architecture-independent. The default execution environment is the Janus platform. Apache 2 License Language, Framework Sebastian Rodriguez, Nicolas Gaud, Stéphane Galland
Sculptor You express your design intent in a textual DSL, from which Sculptor generates high quality Java code and configuration. Apache 2 License Language, Framework Torsten Juergeleit, Patrik Nordwall and others
Semantic Application Design Language (SADL) SADL is a controlled-English ontology language and an IDE for building models in that language. SADL models are translated directly into OWL plus rules plus other constructs for model testing and maintenance. Eclipse Public License Semantic Modeling GE Research
Semantic Application Design Language (SADL) Version 2 The Semantic Application Design Language (SADL) is a language for building semantic models and expressing rules that capture additional domain knowledge. The SADL-IDE (integrated development environment) is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that support the editing and testing of semantic models using the SADL language. EPL Language Andrew Crapo, John Interrante, David Bracewell, Saurabh Gupta
Seven Languages with Xtext An example project of seven languages illustrating the power and flexibility of Xtext. EPL-2.0 Example Christian Dietrich, Holger Schill, Sebastian Zarnekow, Dennis Huebner
Spray This project aims to provide Domain Specific Languages to describe Visual DSL Editors against the Graphiti runtime, and provide code generation (with Xtend2) to create the boilerplate code for realizing the implementation against the Graphiti framework. EPL 1.0 Framework Jos Warmer, Karsten Thoms et. al.
SWRTJ: Sugared Welterweight Record-Trait Java A Java-like language where units of objects' functionality are modeled by traits and by records (a construct that complements traits to model the state part of objects). GPL Language Fabio Strocco, Lorenzo Bettini
Target Platform Definition DSL and Generator The Target Platform Definition DSL and Generator project provides an Xtext-based DSL with an advanced Eclipse editor and a generator to generate *.target files from the DSL that Eclipse PDE is able to read to provision a Target Platform. EPL Tool Mikael Barbero and others
Terminology Lightweight terminology management. If spreadsheet is not enough and term bases are overkill, consider this plugin with advanced search functionality and hook for custom exporters. EPL Language Alexander Nittka
TextMate Grammars for the Xtext Language TextMate grammars for Xtext language highlighting support in different editors, e.g. VS Code, ACE, Atom, Pygments, Rouge, Sublime 3 (except for VS Code, all not tested). EPL-2.0 Editor Support Denis Kuniß
ThingML ThingML is a modelling language, a set of tools, and a methodology. It includes editors and an advanced multi-platform code generation framework, which support multiple target programming languages (C, Java, JavaScript, Go). Apache 2 License Language, Framework Franck Fleurey, Brice Morin
Tinyscript Tinyscript is a simple Javascript-like scripting language written in Java. Its implementation is based on Xtext. GPL Language Markus Bauer
TOSCA DSL IDE framework to develop and test tosca templates. It works with Eclipse, Idea and LSP. GPL 3.0 Eclipse IDE, Language raghvendra @ BT
VClipse VClipse is an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) for product modeling for the SAP Variant Configurator (VC). VClipse supports the specification of objects and dependencies in a textual domain specific language called VCML. This enables the use of standard text comparison tools and version control systems in the model development process. EPL Language Tim Geisler, Aleksey Shumilin
VIATRA An Event-driven and Reactive Model Transformation Platform. The VIATRA framework supports the development of model transformations with specific focus on event-driven, reactive transformations. Building upon the incremental query support of the EMF-IncQuery project, VIATRA offers a language to define transformations and a reactive transformation engine to execute certain transformations upon changes in the underlying model. EPL-2.0 Language, Framework VIATRA contributors
VS Code extension for Xtext Language Xtext Language support for VS code utilizing a Language Server built with Xtext framework itself. Installation via VS Marketplace. EPL-2.0 IDE Extension Denis Kuniß
Wollok Wollok is a programming language and an IDE specially designed for teaching initial OOP courses. Students can program from the beginning incrementally adding every OO concept. LGPLv3 Language, Education Uqbar
WordPress Plugins DSL A simple DSL to generate scaffolding code for WordPress Plugins. EPL Generator Jordi Cabot
Worthwhile Worthwhile is an IDE built around a simple WHILE language that integrates editing, running, debugging and verifying programs using Microsoft's Z3 prover. 3-Clause BSD Language Leon Handreke, Chris Hiatt, Stefan Orf, Joachim Priesner, Fabian Ruch, Matthias Wagner
Xarchive Lightweight document management. EPL Language Alexander Nittka
Xatkit Xatkit is a model-based bot development framework that provides a set of DSLs to specify the behavior, backend actions, and execution logic of your (chat) bot. Xatkit embeds an execution engine that manages the deployment and execution of the specified bot. EPL-2.0 Bot Development Jordi Cabot, Gwendal Daniel
Xcore Xcore is an extended concrete syntax for Ecore that, in combination with Xbase, transforms it into a fully fledged programming language with high quality tools reminiscent of the Java Development Tools. You can use it not only to specify the structure of your model, but also the behavior of your operations and derived features as well as the conversion logic of your data types. EPL-2.0 Language Ed Merks
Xenia DSL for the rapid creation of static websites based on a sitemap with precompiled templates. MIT Language, Web Development Mischa Rodchenkov
Xsemantics XSemantics is a DSL (implemented in Xtext) for writing type systems, reduction rules, interpreters (and in general relation rules) for languages implemented in Xtext. It generates Java code that can be used in your language implemented in Xtext for scoping and validation (it can also generate a validator in Java). It is the successor of XTypeS. EPL Language Lorenzo Bettini
Xtest Xtest is a unit-testing domain-specific scripting language for Java. Tests are run while you type and any time a related file is saved, marking exceptions thrown and failed assertions as errors to immediately notify you of test failures. EPL Testing, Language Michael Barry
Xtext EMF Integration An example project demonstrating how to combine EMF models with Xtext DSLs. See also the blog post about this topic. EPL-2.0 Example Tamas Miklossy
Xtext Forms Integration Sample RCP application to demonstrate how Xtext editors can be integrated within Eclipse UI forms. EPL Framework Mikael Barbero
Xtext GEF5 Integration Example projects demonstrating the usage of the Eclipse GEF DOT Graph View to add graphical representations to Xtext DSLs. See also the blog post about this topic. EPL-2.0 Example Tamas Miklossy
Xtext Gradle Plugins A set of Gradle plugins to build and use Xtext-based languages and the Xtend programming language. EPL-1.0 Tool Stefan Oehme, Christian Dietrich
Xtext Languageserver Example An example showing the Visual Studio Code integration of Xtext using the Microsoft Language Server Protocol. EPL-2.0 Example Christian Dietrich, Holger Schill, Franz Becker
Xtext UML Integration An example project demonstrating how to reference UML elements from Xtext DSLs. See also the blog post about this topic. EPL-2.0 Example Tamas Miklossy
Xtext Tools Xtext Tools provides Eclipse views to explore the underlying node model and the semantic model of DSL files. Especially for language developers this is quite handy. EPL-2.0 IDE Extension Oliver Libutzki
Xtext Typesystem Framework A framework that supports the efficient implementation of typesystem rules for Xtext languages. Especially useful if your languages has expressions, statements, different (combinable) data types. EPL Framework Markus Voelter
Xtext-XMI Example project for the blog post Linking Xtext Models With EMF Models. MIT Example Jan Köhnlein
XTypeS A DSL for writing type systems for languages implemented in Xtext. It generates Java code that can be used in your language implemented in Xtext for scoping and validation (XTypeS also generates a validator in Java). GPL Language Lorenzo Bettini
itemis CREATE itemis CREATE provides an integrated modeling environment for the specification and development of reactive, event-driven systems based on the concept of statecharts. It is an easy to use tool that features sophisticated graphical state chart editing, validation and simulation of statecharts as well as code generation. EPL Tool Axel Terfloth, Andreas Mülder, et al
YANG Language Server A language server for the YANG data modeling language. Apache License 2.0 Language Server TypeFox, Ericsson
YTP DSL YTP DSL is a language to guide random video editing. The main goal is to produce a fun result based on a video library, guidance on duration and various video filters. GPL-3 Language, Tool Alexandre Rio



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