Asset Administration Shells

Asset Administration Shells (AAS) are the foundation of the Digital Twin with unified interfaces for all kinds of manufacturing assets. Eclipse BaSyx supports type 1, 2 and 3 AAS that enable static data, live data, and active negotiations.

Lot Size 1 Production

Eclipse BaSyx provides basic MES functionality to enable service oriented architectures (SOA) for production systems. Thus, the efficient production of lot size one becomes possible.


Connect OPC-UA, MQTT, and fieldbus devices with our data provider components. Integrate MES and ERP systems with your production systems. Use our components to secure your machine to machine communication.


Eclipse BaSyx implements all important Industry 4.0 infrastructure components including the the AAS registry, AAS and AAS sub model server components, as well as data provider components. Integrate data bases, backups, asset management, load balancers, and S3 storage, if necessary.


Eclipse BaSyx scales with your requirements. We deliver Industry 4.0 as docker components that can be deployed in your IT. Whether you want to setup BaSyx on a PC server or integrate with your data center infrastructure, the choice is yours.


Use our pre-packaged analysis, visualization, and automation components to start your Industry 4.0 experience today!


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