Introduction (00:18:16)

This video provides an overview about the vision and main concepts of the Industry 4.0.

  • What is a Digital Twin
  • Overview of the Asset Administration Shell
  • Overview of the Asset Administration Shell Submodels
  • Industry 4.0 Context in Germany
  • Details about the AAS (Part 1)
  • Eclipse BaSyx - Core Building Blocks
  • Eclipse BaSyx - About SDK

OTS Components (00:53:08)

Off-the-shelf (OTS) components are designed and implemented for users which don’t want to run BaSyx source code, instead it is possible to run it directly as Docker containers. These OTS components are based on the Eclipse BaSyx Java implementation.

In this video, the main OTS components are introduced and explained:

  • How to start the components
  • How to configure their features using property files
  • How to configure their features using environment variables

Code Examples (01:02:09)

Eclipse BaSyx consists of multiple SDKs that can be utilized as a library in your Industry 4.0 applications. This video showcases some common code examples using the Java SDK.

  • How to load Maven dependencies
  • How to load the Java SDK in Eclipse IDE
  • Registry Component
  • Using MongoDB for persistency
  • Using Connected ASSManager to query Submodel properties

Extended Use (00:26:09)

This video showcases:

  • How to display AAS life-data in a Dashboard? This is realized by an integration with Streamsheets. The illustrated example can be found in Eclipse BaSyx GitHub repository.
  • How to push life-data into the AAS Submodels? This is possible by using the BaSyx component DataBridge, which enables the connectivity with many different communication protocols. This example is based on MQTT Events.