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AAS Designer to create, manage and share Asset Administration Shells

META-LEVEL is a software company located in Saarbrücken. They develop custom software and provide consulting services for customers from different domains. As experts for Eclipse BaSyx, they are happy to support all your automation needs. One of the major solutions provided by Meta-Level for industrial automation is the AAS Designer.

The AAS Designer is a web-based tool that supports users in creating Asset Administration Shells and associated sub models easily and quickly. It also supports management and sharing of AAS. The AAS Designer guides users through the entire process of creating an AAS while already catching possible errors. The expert mode for skilled users enables creation and editing of AAS without restrictions. Sharing of AAS within the same company is also a function of AAS Designer. To share AAS outside of one’s own company, a market place is being created that makes AAS available to other companies.

Assets created via AAS Designer can also be easily exported and shared with other applications. For example, it can be easily hosted in the AAS Server and registered in the Registry - both running via Eclipse BaSyx middleware.

Name: META-LEVEL Software AG
Headquarters: Saarbrücken, Germany
Sector: Software Development & Consultancy