All Implemented Interfaces:
Externalizable, Serializable, Cloneable, Comparable<SortedBag<T>>, Iterable<T>, Collection<T>, Bag<T>, MutableBagIterable<T>, MutableSortedBag<T>, SortedBag<T>, MutableCollection<T>, InternalIterable<T>, OrderedIterable<T>, ReversibleIterable<T>, SortedIterable<T>, RichIterable<T>

public class TreeBag<T>
extends AbstractMutableSortedBag<T>
implements Externalizable
A TreeBag is a MutableSortedBag which uses a SortedMap as its underlying data store. Each key in the SortedMap represents some item, and the value in the map represents the current number of occurrences of that item.
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