Class JsonRecord.Level

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Enclosing class:
JsonRecord<T extends JsonRecord.Level>

protected static class JsonRecord.Level extends Object
Instances of this class are used to maintain state about the current level of the JSON message being marshalled.
  • Field Details

    • isCollection

      protected boolean isCollection
    • emptyCollection

      protected boolean emptyCollection
    • emptyCollectionGenerated

      protected boolean emptyCollectionGenerated
    • keyName

      protected String keyName
    • isComplex

      protected boolean isComplex
    • nestedArray

      protected boolean nestedArray
    • parentLevel

      protected JsonRecord.Level parentLevel
  • Constructor Details

    • Level

      public Level(boolean isCollection, JsonRecord.Level parentLevel, boolean nestedArray)
  • Method Details

    • addSkip

      protected void addSkip()
    • notSkip

      protected boolean notSkip()
    • getSkipCount

      protected int getSkipCount()
    • isCollection

      public boolean isCollection()
    • setCollection

      public void setCollection(boolean isCollection)
    • getKeyName

      public String getKeyName()
    • setKeyName

      public void setKeyName(String keyName)
    • isEmptyCollection

      public boolean isEmptyCollection()
    • setEmptyCollection

      public void setEmptyCollection(boolean emptyCollection)
    • isEmptyCollectionGenerated

      public boolean isEmptyCollectionGenerated()
    • setEmptyCollectionGenerated

      public void setEmptyCollectionGenerated(boolean emptyCollectionGenerated)
    • isComplex

      public boolean isComplex()
    • setComplex

      public void setComplex(boolean isComplex)
    • isNestedArray

      public boolean isNestedArray()
    • setNestedArray

      public void setNestedArray(boolean nestedArray)