Building and testing

The Eclipse ESCET software can be built using Maven/Tycho. The build will build every individual plugin and feature, as well as the update site, product and all documentation. Manually run it in one of the following ways:

Builds are in certain cases also automatically executed on our build server:

If they are not automatically executed, login to Jenkins, open the desired build and select Scan GitLab Project Now to force GitLab to scan for new branches, commits, etc.

Run tests in one of the following ways:

When a tool has been updated, the test outputs may change. The expected outputs can be updated as follows.

  1. Run the integration test under the JUnit Plug-in Test section of the Run Configurations dialog (e.g. test-cif-integration).

  2. If an output differs from the expected output, the output is saved with a .real postfix.

  3. Run the copy all script under JUnit Plug-in Test section to replace the expected outputs with the test outputs (e.g. test-cif-integration-copy-all).

  4. Run the integration test again to ensure that all expected test outputs have been updated.

  5. Before committing the changes, check whether the differences are as expected.