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About ToolDef

ToolDef language

ToolDef is a cross-platform and machine-independent scripting language. Some of its main features are:

  • Easily write scripts using a simple and intuitive syntax, loosely based on the better aspects of Python.
  • Catch simple mistakes early on due to static typing.
  • Easily work with data of all kinds, using a large number of built-in data types.
  • Easily manipulate data and paths, work with files and directories, and much more, with over 80 built-in tools.
  • Easily share your tools as ToolDef libraries.
  • Unleash the full power of Java by importing any Java static method and using it like any other ToolDef tool.

For more information, see the extended ToolDef introduction and ToolDef language reference documentation.

ToolDef tools

Some of the main features of the ToolDef tooling include:

  • Easily develop ToolDef scripts, with syntax highlighting, real-time type checking and more.
  • Platform and machine independent execution of ToolDef scripts, on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Seamlessly execute ToolDef scripts, whether on the command line or in the Eclipse IDE.
  • User-friendly (runtime) error messages make it easy to debug and fix scripts.

For more information, see the ToolDef documentation.

Part of Eclipse ESCET

The ToolDef language and tools are being developed as part of the Eclipse ESCET open-source project. The ToolDef tools are part of the Eclipse ESCET toolkit.

The other Eclipse ESCET languages, CIF and Chi, both offer a ToolDef library. This allows to quickly and easily execute any Eclipse ESCET tools in ToolDef scripts. ToolDef is however a generic scripting language, and can be used completely independent of any other Eclipse ESCET tools.

For more information, see the Eclipse ESCET project website.