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Graphical Modeling

The domain model often needs to be visualized in a graphical way, such as in a diagram editor. This is especially true when implementing tools. The following frameworks provide support to implement graphical views for your EMF-based domain model that can be embedded into your tool or application.


The Graphical Language Server Platform (GLSP) enables diagram editors in the web/browser. It integrates well with existing graphical modeling editors based on EMF, but also supports the development of browser-based diagram editors from scratch. GLSP-based diagram editors can be hosted stand-alone or embedded into web-based tools such as Eclipse Theia Learn more...

Eclipse Sirius

Create complete graphical modeling workbenches for your specific visual notation and your own domain concepts with minimum technical knowledge.

Target either a Desktop or a Web tool featuring graphical views, form, tree based editors, validation rules and get it to your users in a matter of hours. Learn more...


Graphiti provides a modeling infrastructure evolving around the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) for which offering graphical representations and editing possibilities is essential. Graphiti is an Eclipse-based graphics framework that enables rapid development of state-of-the-art diagram editors for domain models. Graphiti can use EMF-based domain models very easily but can deal with any Java-based objects on the domain side as well. Learn more...

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