Versions and Features

Eclipse MOSAIC is the free-to-use and open-source version of the MOSAIC simulation framework. This version includes all simulators and tools we think are most valuable for research purposes. For more complex studies, we provide additional features in our MOSAIC Extended version, which includes all open-source elements of Eclipse MOSAIC and additional tools for scenario preparation and visualization. For commercial users we even provide additional simulators, such as the vehicle simulation PHABMACS.

License Type Open Source
EPL 2.0
Attribution required
Runtime Infrastructure
Interactions Library
Application Modelling
Eclipse SUMO
Cellular Communication
ITS-G5 Communication
Battery -
Charging Station -
Variable Message Signs -
CARLA soon soon
PHABMACS Scenario API soon
PHABMACS Vehicle Simulator -
Browser Visualization
File Output
Statistics Output -
3D Visualization -
Command Line Tool
Run Federates in Docker
scenario-convert (✓)**
Simulation Runner -
TrafficGen -

*) For the commercial version of MOSAIC Extended please leave us a message at and we will create an individual offer suitable to your needs.

**) scenario-convert is not part of the open-source version of Eclipse MOSAIC, but can be freely used and downloaded from the link on top.

Release History

2024 Mar 25  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 24.0
2024 Spring Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2023 Oct 06  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 23.1
2023 Autumn Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2023 Apr 20  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 23.0
2023 Spring Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2022 Oct 18  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 22.1
2022 Autumn Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2022 May 04  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 22.0
2022 Spring Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2021 Oct 07  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 21.1
2021 Autumn Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2021 Mar 10  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 21.0
2021 Spring Release of Eclipse MOSAIC
2020 Oct 19  —  Eclipse MOSAIC 20.0
First Release of Eclipse MOSAIC