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SVN Connectors Discovery

Subversive Connector Discovery allows user to easily install SVN Connectors. The main problem which Subversive previously had is the overcomplicated procedure of installing:

  • users need to install Subversive from 2 different update sites: first for SVN Team Provider and second for SVN Connectors
  • there are many combinations how users can install Subversive and Connectors and some of these combinations are not compatible
Thanks to Connector Discovery, the procedure of installing was significantly simplified: now users just need to install only Subversive SVN Team Provider (without installing SVN connectors from another update site) and then on eclipse startup on first calling to any Subversive functionality if there are no connectors installed, Connector discovery feature is automatically called.

This is how 'SVN Connectors Discovery' looks like:

SVN Connectors Discovery

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