Class MultiReaderHashBag<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Externalizable, Serializable, Iterable<T>, Collection<T>, Bag<T>, MultiReaderBag<T>, MutableBag<T>, MutableBagIterable<T>, UnsortedBag<T>, MutableCollection<T>, InternalIterable<T>, RichIterable<T>

public final class MultiReaderHashBag<T>
extends AbstractMultiReaderMutableCollection<T>
implements Externalizable, MultiReaderBag<T>
MultiReaderHashBag provides a thread-safe wrapper around a HashBag, using a ReentrantReadWriteLock. In order to provide true thread-safety, MultiReaderHashBag does not implement iterator() as this method requires an external lock to be taken to provide thread-safe iteration. All of these methods are available however, if you use the withReadLockAndDelegate() or withWriteLockAndDelegate() methods. Both of these methods take a parameter of type Procedure<MutableBag>, and a wrapped version of the underlying HashBag is returned. This wrapper guarantees that no external pointer can ever reference the underlying HashBag outside of a locked procedure. In the case of the read lock method, an Unmodifiable version of the collection is offered, which will throw UnsupportedOperationExceptions on any write methods like add or remove.
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