Starting Eclipse ESCET IDE for the first time

When you start the Eclipse ESCET IDE for the first time, it will ask you to choose a workspace directory. A workspace directory is where all your settings will be stored. It is also the default directory for new projects, in which you will store your files.

Choose a workspace directory and continue. Make sure that you have read and write access to the directory you choose. If you wish, the Eclipse ESCET IDE can remember your workspace directory. Note that if the workspace directory you choose does not yet exist, Eclipse will create it for you.

The first time Eclipse launches in a fresh workspace, you will get a Welcome screen. It shows a number of links that can help you to get started with using Eclipse ESCET and its tools. You can close the Welcome tab by clicking the 'X' at the right of the tab, or by clicking on the 'workbench' icon (the right most icon on the welcome page).