Users and Developers resources

Industrial community

Keen to provide industrial-grade open source MBE tool and solutions that are tailored to the needs of the industry, Eclipse Papyrus collaborates to various industrial communities.

Polarsys Solution


As it describes itself, "PolarSys is an Eclipse Industry Working Group created by large industry players and by tools providers to collaborate on the creation and support of Open Source tools for the development of embedded systems."

As part of this effort, PolarSys provides Solutions dedicated to the various embedded systems development steps.

Papyrus Industry Consortium

Papyrus IC

To federate the development efforts of Model-Based Engineering technologies on an open source modeling platform, the Papyrus Industry Consortium has been setup. Through this consortium, industrial needs meet cutting edge MBE technologies coming from research and academia thanks to a committed community that shares development efforts and vision in a sustainable collaboration.

Get involved!

There are many ways to help us developing and bringing to the community of Eclipse Papyrus.

Reporting bug or enhancement

  • Download one of the latest Eclipse Papyrus release or milestones. Take it for a test drive before next release and report any bugs you find.
  • Report Enhancements: Got an idea for a killer feature? Or maybe something you use often could use some tweaking? Post an enhancement request!

You can achieve this going to the Eclipse bugzilla: New Bug

Fix bugs or Implement enhancements

Is there some bug that really bothers you? Instead of just reporting it, fix it and submit a contribution.