Eclipse Papyrus™ Relatives


A few additional tools are developed alongside Papyrus in order to provide additional support and functionalities. They can be found either on the Eclipse Marketplace or be downloaded from their respective update sites.

Market Place Relatives

From the version 3.3.0 onwards, the Papyrus Relatives will be released in the Eclipse Marketplace as soon as they are available.

  • SysML: support SysML Specification , Eclipse 2021-12

  • Papyrus Designer: extension for code generation and reverse engineering for C++ (C soon to come) and Java, Eclipse 2019-06

  • BPMN: model process by using BPMN, Eclipse Oxygen

  • Papyrus Moka: framework enabling execution, animation and debugging of fUML/PSCS/PSSM conformant models, Eclipse 2019-03

  • Papyrus-Model2Doc: extension for documentation generation for LibreOffice, Word and PDF, Eclipse 2021-12

Other relatives

These relatives are not yet available through the market place but can be installed by using "Help" > "Install new Software". This list is ordered by version, corresponding to the latest Papyrus compatibility verification, and contains a description and link to their update site.

Eclipse 2021-12

Eclipse 2020-06

Eclipse 2019-12

Eclipse 2019-03

Eclipse 2018-12

  • Papyrus Compare: an extension of EMF compare dedicated to papyrus

  • Layers: extension to add layers inside Eclipse Papyrus

Eclipse 2018-09

Eclipse Oxygen