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Setting up the Eclipse IDE

To get started with RAP, it's recommended to set up an Eclipse IDE with the RAP Tools installed. The RAP Tools provide useful IDE extensions for RAP application development such as a target installer and launchers for RAP applications. The RAP developer's guide (which you are currently reading) is also included.

Option One: Get a complete IDE package

The most convenient way to get the RAP Tools is using the Eclipse package for RCP and RAP Developers from the Eclipse download page. This IDE includes everything you need to develop RCP and RAP applications, and you can skip to installing the target platform.

Option Two: Install the RAP Tools into an existing Eclipse IDE

If you rather want to use an existing Eclipse IDE, you can also get the RAP Tools separately and install them as an add-on:

  • With Eclipse up and running, select Help > Install New Software… from the main menu.
  • Enter the RAP Update Site URL into the Work with field and press Enter.
    Note: The RAP 3.1 Tools can only be installed into an Eclipse IDE version 4.5 (Mars) or newer.
  • After a short while, an entry labeled Remote Application Platform (RAP) appears in the list below. Depending on your Eclipse IDE version, select the corresponding check box and click Next.
  • On the next page you may review the installation details.
  • Accept the terms in the license agreement and click the Finish button.
  • The features and plug-ins will now be downloaded from the repository and installed locally.
  • Confirm the following prompt to restart Eclipse.

You can also get a zipped version of the RAP Tools repository from the RAP Download page.