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Subversive User Guide

Subversive is a totally new Eclipse plug-in, that provides you a probability to use supported SVN® clients easily directly from your workbench. Friendly user interface of Subversive makes it much more comfortable to operate repositories. All SVN® operations are supported and there are no difficulties while working with command line from now on.

In this guide you can find almost everything that you expect to find while facing some problems during Subversive usage.

In the first part of this guide, which is called "Getting started" you can get acquainted with SVN®, Subversive and there basic concepts. The "Subversion (SVN)" part is recommended to read to everyone who has no experience in working with Subversion® or even other version control systems. In the "About Subversive" part you'll find how to install, update, manage and integrate with other compatible plugins. Also you can get a closer look on plug-in itself, its architecture and extension points.

In the Preferences part you can get an information on configuring preferences, referred to Subversive plug-in.

The last, the biggest and the most filled with useful information part is the Team support with SVN one. You'll find there the quick tour through the Subversion® usage in team programming, a lot of information on Subversive views, perspectives, dialogs, wizards, supported actions, repository layouts and other features with tips from the specialist in this branch.

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