Configuring storage sizes

You can configure the persistent volume claim (PVC) size using the per-user or per-workspace storage strategies. You must specify the PVC sizes in the CheCluster Custom Resource in the format of a Kubernetes resource quantity. For more details on the available storage strategies, see this page.

Default persistent volume claim sizes:

  • per-user: 10Gi
  • per-workspace: 5Gi
  1. Set the appropriate claimSize field for the desired storage strategy in the Che Cluster Custom Resource.

        pvcStrategy: '<strategy_name>'  (1)
        perUserStrategyPvcConfig: (2)
          claimSize: <resource_quantity> (3)
        perWorkspaceStrategyPvcConfig:  (2)
          claimSize: <resource_quantity> (3)
1 Select the storage strategy: per-user or per-workspace or ephemeral. Note: the ephemeral storage strategy does not use persistent storage, therefore you cannot configure its storage size or other PVC-related attributes.
2 Specify a claim size on the next line or omit the next line to set the default claim size value. The specified claim size is only used when you select this storage strategy.
3 The claim size must be specified as a Kubernetes resource quantity. The available quantity units include: Ei, Pi, Ti, Gi, Mi and Ki.