Configuring workspaces nodeSelector

This section describes how to configure nodeSelector for Pods of Che workspaces.


Che uses the CHE_WORKSPACE_POD_NODE__SELECTOR environment variable to configure nodeSelector. This variable can contain a set of comma-separated key=value pairs to form the nodeSelector rule, or NULL to disable it.


nodeSelector must be configured during Che installation. This prevents existing workspaces from failing to run due to volumes affinity conflict caused by existing workspace PVC and Pod being scheduled in different zones.

To avoid Pods and PVCs to be scheduled in different zones on large, multizone clusters, create an additional StorageClass object (pay attention to the allowedTopologies field), which will coordinate the PVC creation process.

Pass the name of this newly created StorageClass to Che through the CHE_INFRA_KUBERNETES_PVC_STORAGE__CLASS__NAME environment variable. A default empty value of this variable instructs Che to use the cluster’s default StorageClass.