Configuring workspaces nodeSelector

This section describes how to configure nodeSelector for Pods of Che workspaces.

  1. Using NodeSelector

    Che uses CheCluster Custom Resource to configure nodeSelector:

          key: value

    This section must contain a set of key=value pairs for each node label to form the nodeSelector rule.

  2. Using Taints and Tolerations

    This works in the opposite way to nodeSelector. Instead of specifying which nodes the Pod will be scheduled on, you specify which nodes the Pod cannot be scheduled on. For more information, see:

    Che uses CheCluster Custom Resource to configure tolerations:

          - effect: NoSchedule
            key: key
            value: value
            operator: Equal

nodeSelector must be configured during Che installation. This prevents existing workspaces from failing to run due to volumes affinity conflict caused by existing workspace PVC and Pod being scheduled in different zones.

To avoid Pods and PVCs to be scheduled in different zones on large, multizone clusters, create an additional StorageClass object (pay attention to the allowedTopologies field), which will coordinate the PVC creation process.

Pass the name of this newly created StorageClass to Che through the CheCluster Custom Resource. For more information, see: Configuring storage classes.