OpenShift Connector overview

OpenShift Connector, also referred to as Visual Studio Code OpenShift Connector for Red Hat OpenShift, is a plugin for Che that provides a method for interacting with Red Hat OpenShift 3 or 4 clusters.

OpenShift Connector makes it possible to create, build, and debug applications in the Che IDE and then deploy the applications directly to a running OpenShift cluster.

OpenShift Connector is a GUI for the OpenShift Do (odo) utility, which aggregates OpenShift CLI (oc) commands into compact units. As such, OpenShift Connector helps new developers who do not have OpenShift background with creating applications and running them on the cloud. Rather than using several oc commands, the user creates a new component or service by selecting a preconfigured template, such as a Project, an Application, or a Service, and then deploys it as an OpenShift Component to their cluster.

This section provides information about installing, enabling, and basic use of the OpenShift Connector plugin.