Installing OpenShift Connector in Che

OpenShift Connector is a plugin designed to create basic OpenShift Components, using Che as the editor, and to deploy the Component to an OpenShift cluster. To visually verify that the plugin is available in your instance, see whether the OpenShift icon is displayed in the Che left menu.

To install and enable OpenShift Connector in a Che instance, use instructions in this section.

  • A running instance of Eclipse Che.


Install OpenShift Connector in Che by adding it as an extension in the Che Plugins panel.

  1. Open the Che Plugins panel by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J or by navigating to View → Plugins.

  2. Search for vscode-openshift-connector, and click the Install button.

  3. Restart the workspace for the changes to take effect.

  4. The dedicated OpenShift Application Explorer icon is added to the left panel.