URL parameter for the IDE

You can use the che-editor= URL parameter to specify a supported IDE when starting a workspace.

Use the che-editor= parameter when you cannot add or edit a /.che/che-editor.yaml file in the source-code Git repository to be cloned for workspaces.
The che-editor= parameter overrides the /.che/che-editor.yaml file.

This parameter accepts two types of values:

  • che-editor=<editor_key>

    Table 1. The URL parameter <editor_key> values for supported IDEs


    <editor_key> value


    Microsoft Visual Studio Code - Open Source

    • che-incubator/che-code/latest

    • che-incubator/che-code/insiders

    • latest is the default IDE that loads in a new workspace when the URL parameter or che-editor.yaml is not used.

    • insiders is the development version.

    JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

    • che-incubator/che-idea/latest

    • che-incubator/che-idea/next

    • latest is the stable version.

    • next is the development version.

    JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition

    • che-incubator/che-pycharm/latest

    • che-incubator/che-pycharm/next

    • latest is the stable version.

    • next is the development version.

  • che-editor=<url_to_a_file>

    1 URL to a file with devfile content.
    • The URL must point to the raw file content.

    • To use this parameter with a che-editor.yaml file, copy the file with another name or path, and remove the line with inline from the file.